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Where to eat in SF

Attention, foodies! If you find yourself in San Francisco, prepare for a gastronomic adventure that will tantalize your taste buds. From iconic classics to hidden gems, this city has it all and we’re here to help you nail down where to get food in San Francisco. Here are a few must-visit spots that will leave you craving for more.


a bowl filled with different types of food on a table

Photo: Michelin Guide

Take a stroll through the bustling streets of Chinatown and dive into the world of dim sum. Yank Sing is a local favorite, with their steaming basket of delicate dumplings and savory delights that are guaranteed to make your tummy dance.


a plate of food on a table

Photo: Gastronomy Blog

Prepare to have your senses overwhelmed by the heavenly aromas of freshly baked bread and pastries. Sink your teeth into legendary morning buns or experience pure bliss with a flaky croissant. Warning: You may become an addict.


a cup of coffee on a table

Photo: SPARK Social SF

This vibrant food truck park is a playground for food enthusiasts. With a rotating lineup of gourmet food trucks, you can feast on everything from artisanal tacos to mouthwatering noodles. Pro tip: Book a reservation space available for special occasions or just a guaranteed spot for you and your crew!


a cup of coffee

Photo: Talk Boba


a close up of a plate of food

Photo: Johnny W. Yelp

Whether you parade around hunting for the perfect pupusa, discover something new, or stay true to your favorites like the ceviche yucateco from Al Carajo, the Mission District has some of the best Latin American cuisines the city has to offer. We’ll be impressed if you don’t need a cable car towing you home after exploring the Mission. We’ll be impressed if you don’t need a cable car towing you home after exploring the Mission.


a plate of food on a picnic table

Photo: Señor Sisig

A food lover’s paradise, this bustling marketplace offers a plethora of culinary delights. Treat yourself to a heavenly ice cream cone from Humphry Slocombe, venture out with Filipino-Mexican cuisine from Señor Sisig, and savor divine chocolates from Dandelion Chocolate.

So, fellow food lovers, get ready to bring your appetite and embark on a culinary journey that will leave you in a state of foodie bliss. Bon appétit!


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