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Middle Eastern Vendors

Lahore De Khushboo

Chef Shumaila Ali started in 2022 to celebrate her rich Pakistani culture. Shumaila cooks up delicious crowd favorites like biryani, paratha rolls, samosas, and the traditional falooda dessert.

Famous for: Biryani

Gyros On Wheels

You know its an authentic Gyro when you see that beautiful vertical meat wheel spinning and smell the succulent lamb as it slowly roasts and releases its meaty juices. And Gyros on Wheels is a truly authentic Gyro, served in a soft pita with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt sauce, and french fries served right in the sandwich just like they do in Greece!

Famous for: Lamb Gyro

Kabob Trolley

Dive into a hearty gyro or cheesesteak from this tasty truck! Kabob Trolley takes Middle Eastern flavors and adds an American twist to their menu! You gotta try it to believe it!

Famous for: Gyro, Cheesesteak, Gyro Fries

Sunrise Deli

Sunrise Deli has been providing the Bay Area with delicious Middle Eastern cuisine since 1984, and continues to churn out some of the tastiest falafel and shawarma from their restaurants and food trucks. Another great choice for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

Famous for: Super Falafel Sandwich

The Kabob Job

The Job is Kabobs, and Kabob Job delivers. Bringing you a taste of Middle Eastern halal and vegetarian cuisine with a twist.

Famous for: The Falafel Debacle

Troya SF

Troya brings a different, more modern approach to the Turkish-inspired Mediterranean kitchen, offering local and organic ingredients as often as possible.

Famous for: Braised Lamb Wrap