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European Vendors

Eye Of Pie Pizza

Their dough serves as a palette to showcase the best produce the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. Using an ancient 100-year sourdough starter, Chef Steven Singleton has found a recipe to appeal to all Bay Area locals.

Borsch Mobile

The Borsch Mobile has traveled all the way from Russia to deliver Russian and Ukranian comfort food to the people of San Francisco.

Famous for: Borsch (a popular soup in Eastern Europe)


Eurobistros brings a multitude of flavors and techniques from around Europe, including Italy, France and Spain, and gives them a unique California twist.

Famous for: Ravioli, Zucchini Noodles, Croissant French Toast

Firetrail Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, and Firetrail makes it so good that we made them our first permanent vendor at the Park!

Famous for: Pizza Margherita


Mozzeria is an awesome mobile pizzeria that bakes delicious Neopolitan-style pizzas in a wood burning oven built into the unique cable-car inspired truck!

Famous for: Duck Pizza