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Breakfast Vendors

Tiny Tea Trailer

Tiny tea, mighty tastes! Tiny Tea Co. brings you refreshing, high-quality, and modern tastes through hand-pounded juices, teas, and mocktails. They are sure to spark some excitement on your taste buds to get the par-tea started.

Picnic Basket

Dedicated to simple, delicious food and treats, and seasoned with lots of love. Picnic Basket has ingredients delivered daily from the farms, fields and food artisans from Santa Cruz County. Their menu includes traditional fare like a variety of sandwiches, breakfast burritos and salads.


 Fresh smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls with a variety of fruits and vegetables! They offer non-dairy options that won’t have you missing that milk. The Super Detox Juice is a popular item that will boost your energy for the entire day!

Famous for: Smoothie bowls


Orbit Coffee

What is robust, sweet, and will take you out of this world? Vietnamese coffee! Try this classic along with their other yummy and unique drinks such as the Dark Matter, Ube Nebula, and the Comet.

The Waffle Roost

The Waffle Roost’s specialty is the classic chicken and waffles. They offer a wide range of both savory and sweet options to satisfy your cravings.

Red Bay Coffee

Brewing coffee and inclusivity since 2014, Red Bay Coffee has been changing the game one (high-quality and sustainable) cup of joe at a time. You’re sure to find a new favorite on the menu!

Famous for: Cappucinos.

Bacon Bacon

Now a permanent vendor at SoMa StrEat Food Park, the world-famous Bacon Bacon is the one and only food truck specializing in, you guessed it: BACON! Everything from bacon-crusted fried chicken to chocolate covered bacon! Their mouth-watering goodness is available every day at the Park for lunch and dinner!

Famous for: The Burger, The Fried Chicken, The Belly

Johnny Doughnuts

Gourmet doughnuts are definitely in season right now, and Johnny Doughnuts is cooking up some of the most talked-about fried dough in the Bay! Handmade in small batches using cool-milled flours, locally sourced produce and dairy to create every flavor by hand, these are not your typical corner store donuts. Delicious flavors like wild berry jam, lime marscapone, and the famous CroDough (Cronut) are not to be missed!

Famous for: The CroDough

SPRO Coffee Lab

SPRO Coffee Lab exists to inspire, energize, and deliver a daily dose of happiness to SF locals in a city that pulsates with creative energy.

Famous for Drinks: Spice Islands, Cool Hunter, Cold Fashioned
Savory Eats: Umami Bomb
Sweet Eats: Crème de la Crème, That Bread Pudding Tho

The Chai Cart

The Chai Cart is a purveyor of artisan Indian teas, or Chai. The perfect beverage for all occasions with just the right amount of sweet, creamy, spice and caffeine, come see why much of Asia loves to drink this soothing beverage all day long!

Famous for: Chai

Thistle Juice

Drink a bottle of Thistle’s organic, cold-pressed juice and you will feel amazing. The sweet nectar is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that refresh the body and revitalize the soul!

Famous for: Amber Juice

Timeless Coffee

Timeless Coffee is one of the most talked about coffee roasters in the Bay Area right now, meticulously prepared in small batched and roasted in house. Come see what all the hype is about!

Famous for: Almond Milk Latte.