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Asian Vendors


With recipes passed down between generations, Sojuilla incorporates flavors from both Mexico and Korea. Their innovative dishes will have you begging for their bulgogi burrito!


iLoveCheesesteak has your cheesesteak dreams covered. Try their OG cheesesteak, bacon cheesesteak, and their original fan favorite the sweet marinated Korean BBQ bulgogi. We guarantee you will discover a flavor profile to please your palate!

Barya Kitchen

First-generation-owned and operated, Barya Kitchen has been pushing the boundaries of Filipino cuisine since 2017. They offer traditional Filipino favorites like lumpia Shanghai and Turon and fusions like sisig tacos and birria lumpia.

Orbit Coffee

What is robust, sweet, and will take you out of this world? Vietnamese coffee! Try this classic along with their other yummy and unique drinks such as the Dark Matter, Ube Nebula, and the Comet.

Thai Thai

Authentic Thai food without having to fly 13 hours?! That’s right! Thai Thai is bringing those comforting flavors straight to you. Satisfy your pad Thai cravings and be left wanting more.

Tokachi Musubi

Sticky, crunchy and nice! Blending Japan with the Bay Area, these omusubi’s are bringing the familiar flavors of Japan straight to you! Omusubi translates to “connection” and you’re sure to feel it here!

Yummi BBQ

Yummi BBQ is a local, small, independent, and family-owned food truck that began with a couple’s simple and sincere love of food. They started as a pop-up tent in 2010, serving their signature dish, Sweet and Spicy Beef Short Ribs at local art & wine festivals.

Ocean Malasada

Ocean Malasada brings Hawaiian delicacies all the way to the bay. With their flavors ranging from ube, guava, and lilikoi. These tropical sweet treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!!

Akita Sushi

Let the good times roll! First starting as a food truck in 2014, Akita Sushi is best known for their fresh, creative, and yummy sushi rolls such as their Spicy Mango roll or Dragon roll.

Lahore De Khushboo

Chef Shumaila Ali started in 2022 to celebrate her rich Pakistani culture. Shumaila cooks up delicious crowd favorites like biryani, paratha rolls, samosas, and the traditional falooda dessert.

Famous for: Biryani

Akita Sushi

Inspired by their childhood flavors, MOMO Noodle was born. Known as “dry sirred noodles” or “Bàn Miàn” is a traditional comfort dish in China to energize the day. The noodles are steamed, drained, and combined with their secret family sauces with a modern twist.

Famous for: Popo’s Noodles


BunBao brings traditional Bao from 3rd century China with their female-owned business. They celebrate traditional flavors with a modern twist.

Famous for: Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

Los Kuyas

Proudly Mexican-Filipino owned & operated, Los Kuyas is foodie fusion at it’s very best. Don’t miss their mexican-stlye street tacos – stuffed with traditional Filipino favorites like Longanisa, Sisig, Tocino, and Adobo!

Famous for: Longanisa Nachos


MoBowl specializes in- that’s right- bowls! They elevate beloved dishes with an Asian and Californian twist.

Famous for: Buffalo chicken mac n cheese


Bobcha has mastered the iconic fusion of Mexican and Korean. Enjoy their Bobcha burrito with classic Korean-style meat like beef bulgogi.

Famous for: Bulgogi burrito

3 Brothers Kitchen

Cooking is a family affair and 3 Brothers Kitchen blends the taste of the Philippines , Vietnam and Thailand together.

Famous for: Shaken Filet Mignon – Sautéed Beef with Onions and Bell Peppers

333 Truck

In the world of fusion cuisine, the legendary 333 truck stands tall above the rest. 333 attempts the culinary high-wire act of fusing together not two but three different cuisines! The result is a spectacular show, expertly borrowing from food cultures thousands of miles apart and masterfully combining elements of Mexican, Korean and Indian food into a flavorful tapestry.

Famous for: Mix and Match Tacos.

Adam’s Grub Truck

Experience the most jaw-droppingly decadent food truck in the Bay! Adam’s Grub Truck unites Asian flavors with the great American sandwich to create unique and mind-blowing creations like the legendary Kraken: fried soft-shell crab, smoked bacon, avocado wasabi, Asian slaw and Sriracha on a toasted brioche bun! You gotta try it to believe it!

Famous for: The Kraken, Falcor, Drunken Master, Hashasaurus Fries


BBQ Kalbi

With a menu focused on the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and umami, BBQ Kalbi has helped bring the Korean-Mexican fusion food that started the food truck movement to the Peninsula by serving up yummy Korean tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and rice bowls!

Famous for: Korean tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, rice bowls.

Bob Cha

Everything goes better with some Korean magic sauce! You gotta try it to believe it!

Famous for: Bulgogi Burrito


Using secret recipes from the little red cookbook, The Chairman brings you artisan Chinese steamed and baked bao buns inspired by the classic street food of Asia with American twists like the famous coca-cola braised pork!

Famous for: Pork belly bao

Curry Up Now

These favorite purveyors of famous Indian fusion food have been a stable of the Bay Area food truck scene since the beginning. They bring you the original Indian burritos filled with deliciously spiced chicken tikka masala with vegetarian paneer and vegan chickpea masala. Also serving up appropriately inappropriate Indian fusion creations like sexy fries, naughty naan and the deconstructed samosa.

Famous for: CTM Burrito, Sexy Fries, Naughty Naan, Deconstructed Samosa

Hula Truck

This laid-back truck is serious about flavor, bringing the best of Hawaiian and Filipino homestyle cooking together for comfort food that will leave you salivating for a tropical vacation. With Hawaiian favorites like kalua pork and Filipino classics like chicken adobo, there is a whole lot to love and be happy about at Hula Truck. Just don’t forget to add an egg!

Famous for: Da Situation – Crispy fried pork belly with a fried egg.

Koja Kitchen

KoJa stands for Korean-Japanese reinvented, and this extremely popular and delicious truck has indeed invented a dish unlike anything you’ve had before. Combining the concept of the rice bowl with the concept of the slider, KoJa serves flavor-packed fillings between two grilled rice patties to create a portable sandwich that trasnforms into a rice bowl as you eat.

Famous for: BBQ Beef Koja

Little Green Cyclo

Come one, come all and witness the famous Little Green Cyclo truck, named after the iconic rickshaw carts found throughout Southeast Asia! This truck brings the finest authentic Vietnamese street food flavors to San Francisco, serving up mouth-watering banh mi, garlic noodles, rice boxes, fresh spring rolls and more!

Famous for: Banh Mi, Vermicelli Box.

No Worries

No Worries is a unique fusion of Filipino and vegan cuisines. Their wholesome and flavorful menu consists of traditional Filipino dishes like pancit, adobo, and lumpia, all made using solely vegan ingredients!

Famous for: Tofu Lumpia

Phat Thai

Phat Thai is the only authentic Thai food truck in San Francisco, the brainchild of two brothers who were spoiled by their mom’s delicious Thai cooking. Thai classics like Pad Se-Ew, Som Tum, Ka Pow, and Green Curry are some of the best you can get in the Bay!

Famous for: Pad Thai

Poke Delish

Jet set to Hawaii with Poke Delish’s customizable poke bowls. Combine rice or salad with fresh marinated fish like hamachi, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and crab and then smother with their myriad of toppings and sauces. Think: macadamia nuts, seaweed salad, and ginger miso. You’ll be relaxing on the beach in no time.

Famous for: Poke Bowl

Señor Sisig

Señor Sisig is a local legend that lovingly and skillfully marries the flavors of Filipino barbecue with those of a Mission District burrito. The result is a uniquely San Franciscan mash up that is a symphony of flavors, seamlessly fusing the savory with the tangy and the familiar with the exotic.

Famous for: Sisig Pork Burrito.

Tandoori Chicken USA

With its iconic bright red tandoori sauce, the Tandoori Chicken USA mobile fuses Indian flavors with American fast food.

Famous for: Tandoori Chicken Sandwich.

The Chai Cart

The Chai Cart is a purveyor of artisan Indian teas, or Chai. The perfect beverage for all occasions with just the right amount of sweet, creamy, spice and caffeine, come see why much of Asia loves to drink this soothing beverage all day long!

Famous for: Chai

Tonli Dumpling House

Tonli Dumpling House is the only dumpling truck in the Bay, serving fresh handmade dumplings with tender pork shoulder or lemongrass chicken, as well as ramen and curry rice bowls!

Famous for: Fried Pork Dumplings.

Torraku Ramen

Torraku Ramen uses the freshest ingredients for their home-styled ramen. There are six types of delicious broths to choose from, five of which are slow-cooked to perfection with their flavorful pork and chicken stock base. Decorated with nori, a soft-boiled egg, and assorted vegetables, don’t forget to top it off with your choice of their specially-made braised pork belly or delicious chashu.

Famous for: The Tonkatsu

We Sushi

We Sushi proves that great sushi can be found on a food truck! Their fresh fish is cut to precision and served over perfectly cooked rice to create some of the best sushi in SF.

Famous for: The Ring of Fire Roll


Come witness Wanna-E, and experience and explosion of flavors from the Burmese city of Mandalay, home to a diverse array of cultures and foods including Chinese, Indian and Thai flavors. Their unique offerings include ginger salad, fried corn fritters, and not so stinky garlic noodles, plus a distinctive dessert known as snow drink, consisting of coconut milk with basil seeds, sago and palm, topped with white bread and sticky rice!

Famous for: Not So Stinky Garlic Noodles


Think Chinese food is just sweet and sour pork? Think again! The magicians behind the curtain at Wokitchen are determined to show you that there is more to Chinese food than meets the eye. Their Chinese specialities have a magic all their own and are sure to delight and astound you with every bite. There’s no smoke and mirrors here, just passion, love and care.

Famous for: Mu Shu Pork Tacos